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Capital Farms Meats & Provisions

1/2 of Premium Corriente Beef

1/2 of Premium Corriente Beef

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The deepest discount we offer... grab a friend OR hoard it all to yourself. Either way, grab this steal of a deal before it's GONE. This package includes all of the great beef we have to offer PLUS our most popular steak in the shop... the RANCHO steak. This is the only way to order that steak online.

Wait times?? NONE, In stock today!


Limited 1 per Customer / Pick Up ONLY


1/2 BEEF

- Minimum Weight: 220+ lbs                                                                            
- Price Per Lb.: $6.81/lb

(12) 10oz Ribeye Steak - 7.5lb

(12) 10oz Striploin Steak - 7.5lb

(6) 12oz Sirloin - 4.5lb

(6) 12oz Tenderloin - 4.5lb

(4) Skirt Steak - 6lb

(2) Flank Steak - 4lb 

(8) RANCHO Steaks - 4lb

(1) Brisket 8lb 

(8-10) Chuck Roast - 20lbs

(8-10) Round Roast - 20lbs

Short Rib  - 18lbs

(2) Tri-Tip - 4lbs

(2) Picanha - 4lbs

Misc Cuts:
Stew Meat - 15lbs  

Ground Beef - 60lbs

8oz Patty - 16lbs

Round Steak - 15lbs

Marrow Bone - 2lbs

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