Capital Farms Ground Beef: Taste the Difference

A trained sensory panel in a university setting finds Capital Farms ground beef superior when compared to other “retail” ground beef options at the grocery stores. Panelists identified Capital Farms beef as having the greatest “beef flavor,” “softness,” and best in terms of “connective tissue.” While the “retail 80/20” edged out Capital Farms in the juiciness category, as expected due to the higher fat content comprised product. Capital Farms beef is not only highly rated by customers, but scientifically proven to be first-in-class by trained sensory panelists.


Capital Farms Ground Beef is Identified #1 in Beef Flavor 


*Courtesy of Auburn University



Capital Farms Ground Beef is Identified #1 in Softness


*Courtesy of Auburn University



Capital Farms Ground Beef is Identified #1 in Connective Tissue

*Courtesy of Auburn University



Capital Farms Ground Beef is Identified #2 in Juiciness 


*Courtesy of Auburn University  



"Methods: Sensory panel was conducted using the guidelines as described by the American Meat Science Association. Retail ground beef was purchased from local markets consisting of the following lean:fat ratios but packaged using similar packaging as Capital Farms (thermoforming vacuum packaging). Ground beef was cooked in an electric skillet pre-heated to 350 F until no-pink was present. Cooked ground beef was placed into pre-labeled sample cups for serving to panelists. Sample cups were labeled with using a random number generator to blind panelists for all ground beef sample brands. Across five panel days, each brand was served to all panelists for ratings. Sensory evaluation occurred under red lighting to mask any color changes that occurred to the surface of the sample. Between samples panelists cleansed their palates with un-salted crackers and apple juice. Means were generated using statistical software."


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