Quality Beef. Time-honored traditions.

Capital Farms has raised Corriente cattle in the Sonoran Desert region of Arizona for 25 years. Located an hour northwest of Phoenix, historic Wickenburg is our company headquarters. Our mission is simple and steadfast—to provide local, high-quality, all-natural*, small-batch beef at a fair price.

*Minimally processed – no artificial ingredients.

Corriente cattle—good for the land and good for the consumer.

Compact and docile, the Corriente is a low-maintenance, adaptable breed, with an innate ability to thrive in any environment. Agile and athletic, Corrientes are also naturally lean. As non-selective grazers, they have a resourceful character, which makes them easy on the land wherever they roam. The result of all this laid-back Arizona living is a well-marbled, lean, tender and tasty product we’re proud to stand behind.

Local, small-batch beef.

Providing locally sourced meat raised by stewards of the land means something to us, and we hope it means something to you, too. Our cattle are pasture-raised and grain-finished then humanely harvested to the highest USDA standards by our hand-selected processors in small batches to provide a consistent and always-fresh product. It’s the Capital Farms guarantee that if you wouldn’t find it on our dinner table, neither should you. At Capital Farms we live by the traditions and practices of the American West and strive to responsibly sustain our land, cattle, lifestyle, and the environment at large.

Sustainability at every stage.

We’ve gone the distance to ensure our product’s sustainability, even after it’s left our hands, with fully recyclable shipping materials. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions supplies Capital Farms with their innovative sustainable cotton shippers with biodegradable and compostable insulation made from recycled cotton. Paired with their reusable/freezable “No Sweat” gel packs, our shipped products arrive cold, mess- and waste-free.

From farm to table.

At Capital Farms we strongly believe in a hands-on approach and a handshake. We know the names and faces of everyone involved in all phases of our operation, from general ranch work to delivery. 

There are several ways you can get your hands on our premium beef. You can find Capital Farms set up at various farmer’s markets throughout the year. At our local Wickenburg butcher shop (opening January 2023), you’ll be able to explore hand-selected beef cuts and curated grocery goods, or just stop in for a friendly hello. Our in-house kitchen will provide juicy burgers, scrumptious sandwiches, specialty plates and more. Lastly, we want to bring our sense of community straight to your doorstep with our mail-order and subscription services. Whichever way is your way, we’re delighted to serve you.

Capital Farms—to eating better together.

Eating great isn’t just about a beautifully marbled ribeye seared to perfection or mouthwatering BBQ. Knowing where, and who, your food comes from matters. Making conscious decisions for your mind and body matters, too. Our mantra “To Eating Better, Together,” echoes loudly at the heart of what we do. We know you have a thousand choices when it comes to feeding yourself and your family, and we are honored to be the rancher you consciously choose.

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