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Providing small-batch premium Corriente beef raised by stewards of the land means something to us, and we hope it means something to you, too. Our cattle are pasture-raised and grain-finished then humanely harvested to the highest USDA standards by our hand-selected processors in small batches to provide a consistent and always-fresh product. It’s the Capital Farms guarantee that if you wouldn’t find it on our dinner table, neither should you.

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CF Butcher Shop + Capital Kitchen

While we pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art home meat delivery services our Capital Farms Headquarters located in Historic Wickenburg, Arizona, is home to our brick and mortar CF Butcher Shop & Capital Kitchen. Stop in to stock up on fresh and frozen Corriente beef cuts as well as our wide array of hand selected provisions. We have everything you need for dinner tonight from sauces and seasonings to homemade sides and beverages.

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Taste The Difference

At Capital Farms, our beef offers a distinctly superior taste that sets it apart from the rest, thanks to our unique approach to cattle grazing. Our cows roam freely, feeding on a natural diet of mesquite pods, desert florals, and native plants found throughout the expansive Arizona desert. This diverse diet not only enhances the well-being of our cattle but also infuses the beef with a complex, savory flavor profile marked by subtle, earthy undertones and a hint of natural sweetness. This commitment to natural grazing and ethical farming practices ensures that each cut of our beef retains a purity of flavor that is both rich and delightfully distinctive. Whether grilled, roasted, or seared, every bite promises that you will taste the difference.