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Capital Farms Meat & Provisions

1/4 of Premium Corriente Beef

1/4 of Premium Corriente Beef

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FILL YOUR FREEZER with the Capital Farms Premium Beef. The most economical way to provide quality beef for your family. This includes steaks, roasts, ground beef and much more! 

Save time and gas, we are now offering hand delivery to all Cities in the Phoenix Valley! See shipping rate at checkout. *Free shipping promo does not apply, first order free shipping does not apply*

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1/4 BEEF

- Total Weight: 93 lbs                                                                          
- Price Per Lb: $8.60lb

(6x) 10oz Ribeye Steak - 3.75 lbs

(6x) 10oz Strip Loin Steak (NY Strip) - 3.75 lbs

(3x) 12oz Sirloin Steak (2x6oz packs) - 2.25 lbs

(2x) 12oz Tenderloin Steak (2x6oz packs) - 1.5 lbs

(2x) 2lb Skirt Steak - 4 lbs

(1x) 1lb Flank Steak - 1 lbs

(4x) 8oz Bavette Steak - 2 lbs

(1x) Brisket - 8 lbs

(3x) 3lb Chuck Roast - 9 lbs

(2x) Chuck Short Rib - 7 lbs

(1x) Tri-Tip - 2 lbs

(1x) Picanha - 2 lbs 

Misc Cuts:
(6x) 1lb Steak Tips - 6 lbs  

(30x) 85% Lean / 15% Fat, Ground Beef - 30 lbs

(12x) 80% Lean / 20% Fat, 6oz Patty - 9 lbs

(2x) Marrow Bone - 2 lbs

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