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Capital Farms Meats & Provisions

Flat Iron Steak - 8oz

Flat Iron Steak - 8oz

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The flat iron steak comes from the deeply flavorful chuck primal of beef. This cut is the second most tender on the beef animal behind only the tenderloin. The Capital Farms flat iron steak is even more tender and flavorful due to the natural properties of the Corriente breed.

All steaks are "portion cut" for a truly premium experience. Chefs and restaurants rely heavily on portion cutting for accurate portion sizes and consistent eating experiences. Each steak is hand-trimmed free of excess fat, gristle, and nonsense. 


(1) 8oz Beef Flat Iron Steak 

Net Wt: 8oz 


*Fresh (unaged) product that ships frozen in an insulated shipper with ice packs that are recyclable/reusable.  

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