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Savor a culinary masterpiece with our Tender Steak Box, a testament to premium Corriente beef. This meticulously curated selection is designed for those who demand excellence in every bite. These three steaks are scientifically proven tender and flavors vary greatly between each cut, a must-try box for all steak lovers!

M. Infraspinatus (Flat Iron Steak) 
Tenderness: 2nd Most Tender Muscle in Beef
Flavor: Mild beefy flavor, least intense flavor of the box

M. Obliquus internus abdominis (Bavette Steak)
Tenderness: Top 15 Most Tender Muscle in Beef, considered "very tender"
Flavor: Intense beefy flavor, most flavorful of the box

M. Spinalis drosi (Cap of Ribeye) + M. Longissiumus dorsi (Eye of Ribeye)
Tenderness: Ribeye cap is the 3rd most tender muscle in Beef
Flavor: Medium beefy Flavor, buttery fat notes

Contents of the Tender Steak Box:
(3) 8oz Beef Flat Iron Steak 
(3) 8oz Beef Bavette Steak
(2) 10oz Beef Ribeye Steak
(2) 1lb Ground Beef 85/15
Net Wt: 7.25 pounds.

*Fresh (unaged) product that ships frozen in an insulated shipper with ice packs that are recyclable/reusable.

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