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Sonoran BBQ Box

Sonoran BBQ Box

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Introducing the Sonoran Box – the ultimate smoking sensation all in one package! Inside, you'll uncover the smoky treasures of Arizona with one mouthwatering brisket, colossal dino ribs, and our renowned 6oz patties, all perfectly suited for the smoker. Designed for smoke aficionados and grill enthusiasts, this box unlocks the authentic Sonoran smokehouse experience right in your own backyard. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich, smoky flavors of the Southwest – order your Sonoran Box today and ignite your inner pitmaster!



(1) Brisket (6-8lbs lbs)

(2) Dino Ribs (7 lbs)

(4) 6oz Capital Patty 80/20 (2 x 12oz package)

Total: ~ 17lbs 

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