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The "12-Pack" Ground Beef

The "12-Pack" Ground Beef

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Capital Farms products are extraordinarily incomparable. Every step of the process from the farm to your plate is tightly controlled by our company to give you the absolute best product, every time. Each of our products comes directly from OUR family-owned producer in Arizona. Capital Farms Ground Beef is only comprised of Whole Muscles creating a competitive advantage for our product. This is what sets us apart and we promise you won't find anything in a store that's better. Our Ground Beef isn't your average hamburger. In fact, we don't think they're even in the same ballpark. While a pound of supermarket hamburger consists of trim and fat from many different animals (often old and tough cows from all over the world), every pound of CF Ground Beef comes from one single steer raised, grain-finished, and harvested under our supervision in the United States. No mixing and matching trim with fat here - CF Ground Beef is naturally tender and finely ground into the best damn ground beef you've ever tasted.


Contents of the "12-Pack"

- (12) Ground Beef - 1lb Packages 

 Net Weight: 12lbs of Ground Beef


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