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Common Questions

How do I know my Subscription is Active?

1. Upon your first order make sure each item is highlighted as Subscribe. Or if you just want the item one time only, no worries!

2. Three Days prior to your card being charged for the subscription (1 month) after first order, you will receive an email.

3. On the day of subscription interval your card will be charged for desired items.

4. We will then pack and ship your order. If at anytime prior to UPS handoff you need to cancel please CALL 928.671.2060

When Will My Order Ship?

We pack and ship orders Monday-Thursday of each week. Depending on your estimated shipping time we may hold your order until the following Monday to ensure a safe arrival of your product.

How much do I save?

10% OFF Each item or bundle that you purchase for the life of the subscription!

For Assistance Call our Butcher!

Cell Number: 928.671.2060

Butcher Support Hours:

Monday 8:00-5:30p (MST)

Tuesday 8:00-5:30p (MST)

Wednesday 8:00-5:30p (MST)

Thursday 8:00-5:30p (MST)

Friday 8:00-5:30p (MST)

Saturday 8:00-3:00p (MST)

Sunday Closed

Can I Prepay?

Yes! You can prepay for either 6 or 12 orders for a subscription. This works great for planning ahead or giving the gift that continues to give. That way the recipient doesn't have to store a huge order in their feezer, let us store it for you!