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1/2 Beef Experience, June 2023

1/2 Beef Experience, June 2023

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*Only One of these opportunities is offered Each Month*

This is for the Month of June 2023. Make arrangments with Hunter to schedule this event. 

A fond memory you will relive each and every time you indulge in the quality beef resulting from this experience. Over the course of 4 hours, our staff and butcher will hand-cut each beef primal to your specifications and package each cut. You will have the opportunity to know what beef cuts you receive and be able to prepare them for your friends and family. As each cut is sliced we will explain the steak/roast and how to properly prepare it for maximum enjoyment. 

As we journey through the beef primal cuts, samples will be cooked and tasted to help you understand the differences and benefits each cut presents. 

Truly an experience and something you will talk about for many years to come. 


For a complete list of the items you will take home at the end of the night view our 1/2 of Premium Corriente Beef. 

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